Jadsl Tips For A Successful Practical Driving Exam

Without however, a sociological study in support, obtaining a driving license is often one of the elements to make the transition from the world of adolescence to the adult world. To young eyes, the driver’s license represents freedom but it also comes with responsibilities.
The objective of the JADSL is that each learner shows:
1. An excellent knowledge of the Nigeria High Way Code ;
2. A good sense of anticipation;
3. The ability to share road in compliance with rules of priority and courtesy;
4. His autonomy;
5. The skills needed to control his vehicle.
In short, it’s time to demonstrate that you have confidence in your abilities and that you are able to drive alone, without regard to the sector of the city where you are and take the safer decision which is necessary, according to the events that present themselves to you during your journey.


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