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Our Community Road Safety Projects

Substantial opportunities and scope exist for creating a safer road environment through sustained introduction of safe community programs at the local levels by providing wider public participation and awareness, as well as making necessary changes in behavior and environment. The community itself, by virtue of its expertise, enthusiasm, resources, and network, can greatly enhance existing programs and even devise new ways of tackling safety problems. About 30%–40%of crashes and injuries could be reduced through such programs. The opportunities for community road safety cover a wide area, which […]

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Driving Training courses

These are the areas we concentrate on in our driving school: Basic Learner Driving Training Programme (BLDTP); for those who have never driven a MOTOR VEHICLE before. Proficiency Driving Training Programme (PDTP); for those drivers who wish to improve on their performance and skill in driving. Executive Driving Training Programme (EDTP); for reorientation of drivers in the public sector who are responsible for Driving Executives, Senior Government Officials and other public office holders. Specialized Driving Training Programme (SDTP); for those who are to graduate into Driving Trucks, […]

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