NTTE (National Trade Test Examination)

To offer National Trade Tests courses at the driving school, for the purpose of acquiring practical skills
To Operate and run NABTEB Examination Centre to achieve NABTEB mandates by Conduct examinations leading to the award of the
i. National Business Certificate (NBC)
ii.National Technical Certificate (NTC)
iii. Advanced National Business Certificate (ANBC)
iv. Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC)

JADSL NABTEB Centre is coming soon.

 (A Division of Jacob Ayoki Driving School Limited)

Motto: We Bring Good Skills to Life

JADSL Vocational Training Institute, Gboko is a darling project of Jacob Ayoki Driving School Limited. A company that licensed to establish and mange schools; and also position in them small and medium scale enterprises to expose and link technicians to private sector practice and employment.

This is in accordance with the emphases of the Federal Government of Nigeria   on the need for job creation and youth empowerment through technical skills. JADSL Vocational Training Institute is an organization with the slogan “We Bring Good Skills to Life

JADSL Vocational Training Institute, Gboko established to assists learners in developing scientific knowledge and most especially acquiring skills that is beneficial to the society.

Mission: To create employment opportunities for the youths in the country

Vision:  Preparing individuals for productivity and development of the nation

The aims and objectives of JADSL Vocational Training Institute, Gboko

  1. Providing trained manpower in the technology, advanced craft, and technical levels;
  2. Provision of vocational skills for the development of agricultural technology;
  3. Drive the economy with qualified technical staff competitive both on local and international labor market and ensure a match in  the fast changing labor market;
  4. Maintain competitiveness of employed technical staff by re-training;
  5. Foster technical educational skills for self-employment and entrepreneurship;
  6. Ensure technical development of minority groups to create employment opportunities for them;
  7. Develop Lifelong technical Learning;
  8. Develop School/private technical enterprise partnership within and outside country

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