Students’ Orientation on Safety

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The orientation unveiled road safety ABC for students as one potential way of reducing the number of deaths or injuries amongst young road users. Organizations like ours is interested in road safety and continually looking for new and innovative ways to improve road safety knowledge and promote safe/healthy environment as well as responsible road use for students. Over 200 students of Masetadi International Academy, Masaje-Gboko were in attendance. Students also participated in the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week, streets for life campaign, May 2021.

Road Safety has been quite an issue for the past few years. The number of accidents that occur every year due to vehicles not following traffic rules is quite alarming. Thus, students should abide by the road safety laws that are meant to protect them.

There is need that road Safety and road side walking tips be taught in schools, so the idea gets instilled in student heads, and they do not forget it. Children tend to pick up habits and learn from what they see in adults around them.

Thus, road safety should be maintained and preached to children and students of knowledgeable age to remain safe and sound. If you protect yourself, you protect your society, the nation and the world at large.

we, enjoin all parents and teachers to lend their voices in campaigning for Children/students’ safety on the roads, homes, schools, markets, worship centers etc, to make a difference. Your voices could bring the desired difference.

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